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wizprzStaff Projects Return of the Gods.

The moon cast a silvery light upon the waves near the shoreline, the white foam breaking some 50 yards behind as the three heads slowly and unperceivably broke the surface. Just the large eyes and top of the head protruding from the protection of the water, the three sets of eyes gradually focused and scanned the shoreline for signs of ……………them!

 It had been more than three millennium since the last of their kind had travelled to the surface, undetected and sure at that time there was no concern that the primitive creatures who lived upon the land would bother them, they returned to their home in the deepest parts of the ocean. But much time had passed and now the creatures could visit the depths of the oceans and contact was inevitable.

 All types of communication had long been monitored and the biggest fear was the possibility of violent reaction, so often employed by these vicious creatures. Yet there was also another side which had been monitored a side which might embrace the possibility of cooperation between the two dominant species on this blue planet.

As the three moved slowly to the shoreline, unsteady at first, but due to their recent acclimatisation training they soon steadied their stride and moved forward. In the hand of the chief ambassador was a beautifully engraved and bejewelled sphere, which their scientists had used to enclose the first contact message a holographic diary of the development of life on this planet which they shared. 

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