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wizprzStaff Projects Sweet Revenge

The back of his hand smashed into her cheek sending her spinning, her head thumped on the floor bringing a peaceful relief from the kicks which reigned in. It was a severe beating, administered by a brutish bully who had done this many times before, and to several different women, and he felt the same dominance as he looked down at the unconscious woman.

Eleven hours had passed before her swollen eyelids painfully parted. Hazy images gradually coming into focus, allowing her to make out the sterile surroundings of what looked like a hospital room. She tried to move but a searing pain tore up her stomach and side making her gasp, and nearly causing her to gag due to the pipe which was inserted down her throat to assist her breathing.

Her hand fumbled for the switch which lay beside her on the on the bed, slipping her left hand over it she pushed the button and heard the soft pounding of running feet coming closer to her room.

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