The Fart Farmers on Wizprz

Chapter 1

Dougie and Ernie were two little gnomes, they lived under a bridge on the edge of Toby Wood, there was a wooden door just above the waterline which led down to their cave. Inside it was crammed with lots and lots of different types of jars and containers, each one had a brown paper label tied to it by string. The labels described various things such as” Cow with a cough”, "Giggling Dwarf" and "Fairy flypast" and they were all different types of Farts! Yes, Farts! for Dougie and Ernie were the premier fart catchers for the district of Toby Wood, Brent Hill and the village of Muddlewop.

Their job was to collect the farts for the various wizards, witches and spell makers who lived nearby, as farts were a main ingredient in many of the various spell concoctions. Just then there was a knock on the door, "I'll get it said Ernie, climbing the wooden spiral stairs which led up to the door. As he answered the door he saw "Old Dan" the Owl companion and advisor to Rontolag the Wizard from Hoopen Tor, which was at the far edge of the woods.

"Elo Dan said Ernie, come on down and tell us what we can do for you", Old Dan followed Ernie back into the cave where Dougie was preparing a pot of Black nettle tea. "Fancy a cupa?" he asked Dan "No thank you Dougie, I am on an urgent errand for my master Rontolag, he needs your services".