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davidbennett Projects


Fictional Book > Drama

When science allows any experience able to be relived by another person, the flo ...

1 rating

Fishy Friends

Short Story > Kids Book

The adventures of three young Fishy friends.

No ratings

The Fart Farmers

Fictional Book > Kids Book

A children's story about two Gnomes with unusual jobs

4 ratings

Its all Geography

Quote > No Genre

Religion is too closely linked to geography.

No ratings

Making a decision.

Quote > No Genre

When choosing a product, it doesn't matter who sells the most, it matters who's ...

No ratings

Whitleigh Witches

Poetry > Poem

When the girls get together.

1 rating


Quote > No Genre

A tattoo has never made a pretty girl prettier, but they always make an ugly one ...

1 rating


Fictional Book > Action & Adventure

A young German tank commander Carl Wolff, is looking out of his Panzer I tank on ...

No ratings